The User-friendly Ontips mobile apps solved the problem that users have to open different mobile apps to control different devices. The interactive Android and iOS apps  concerning best  performance are for remote real-time alerts, video monitoring and two-way talking. It’s easy and intuitive with full protection.

Protect What Matters Most with Smart Security

A Simple Way to Start Alarm System

Ontips, Ontips Pro ties everything together, features includes

● Hi-fi two-way talks.

● Enable or disable siren remotely.

● Monitor different IP cameras or Alarm System, unlimited number of Maxkin devices, can be configured in one Ontips mobile apps.

● When motion or anything detected, user will get alerted with real-time push notification, SMS text and phone call.

● Monitor live video record a clip into 8GB SD card, snapshots or video playback.

● Intelligent alarm programming: phone number storage/ alarm customizable zone name/ entry and exit delay/ remote control renamed/ remotely arm or disarm, turn on/ off 90+dB siren or home appliance, two-way talk etc.

Go Anywhere

Ontips, Ontips Pro keeps an eye on things while you travel, and lets you pick emergency 

contacts to respond to notification when you can’t.

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